Going to bars is a common habit that people developed over the years since the first ever establishment was made. Whether it was in the early times or in this modern world, the reason why people often go to these establishments remained the same. People go to bars to have fun, to grab some drink and to bond with their friends.

As you go to the bar scenes today, do you think that there is one person who knows more about bar establishments except for being just a place where alcoholic drinks are served?

What is a Bar Establishment?

A bar establishment is also commonly referred to as a tavern or saloon. Basically, a bar is a retail business establishment that is focused on serving alcoholic drinks. These drinks include the wine, cocktails, liquor and beer that can be consumed by individuals within the premises.

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The interior of bars is comprised of tables or counters equipped with chairs or stools. These establishments may also offer some forms of entertainment on the stage. Some bars feature some of these entertainments. A Live band, go-go dancers, strippers and comedians are just some of the typical examples of these forms of entertainments.

The general reference used to refer a bar depends on the entertainment it offers. For instance, bars offering live music is referred to as nightclubs or music bars. Apart from that, there are more types of bars which vary from dive bars up to elegant entertainment places that cater the elite.

Over the years, bar establishment owners have tried different approaches to further encourage visiting patrons, especially during off-peak hours. An example of this is offering a happy hour. Other practices of bars include the implementation of a cover charge or a minimum-purchase requirement which is often applied during peak hours. Most of these bars are also often featuring entertainment, like a disc jockey or a live band.

Where the Bar Term Came from

The origin of the reference for these establishments is derived from that same specialized counter where the drinks are served. Patrons are offered with the options of sitting or standing at the bar while waiting or being served by their ordered drinks. Apart from that, patrons may also sit at the provided tables where their drinks are to be served by servers.

A bar establishment has a back bar. This is a set of shelves where bottles and glasses are place behind the counter. Due to the aim of offering something unique, some bars now feature back bars that are elaborately decorated with lights, mirrors, etched glass and woodwork.

The Inception of Bar Establishments

Back then, public drinking places were called in different names. Each period of the history and places in the word had their common use for these establishments. During the Colonial era, the establishments that the US had are called taverns. These establishments were considered as importance meeting places for the Americans.

In the 19th Century, there were the so-called saloons, which served as an importance place where the working class go for their leisure time. Entering the modern world, these establishments are still referred in many different names. But, there’s one general term that people normally calls them now, that place where bartenders mixes or pours alcoholic beverages. This term is the bar.

The existence of bar establishments also created significant records and occurrences in the history. For one, the consumption and/or sale of alcoholic beverages became prohibited in the 20th Century during its first half. This was the case on several countries, like Iceland, Finland, Norway and the U.S. During the Prohibition period in the United States, illegal bars were called as blind pigs or speakeasies.

Types of Bar Establishments

How a bar is decorated and what are included in the drink menu are solely the decisions made by the owners and managers. Whatever decisions are made, they are geared toward attracting a certain type of patron. Regardless of the decisions made concerning the mentioned factors, these people do not have the influence on who would patronize the establishment.

This is the reason why a bar established for a certain demographic profile may become popular with another group of people. Take for instance a blues bar. The establishment may later become or referred to as a biker bar if most of the patrons that go to the bar are bikers.

Other types of bars that people may have encountered are a cocktail lounge. This is an upscale type of bar located at airports, restaurants and hotels. A wine bar is a kind of elegant bar that only serves wine. Patrons at these bars often taste wines first before they purchase them. There are also some bars that offer some snacks or small plate containing food. That is its primary difference with a full bar, which serves wines, beers, liquors and cocktails.

There are also beer bars which only serve beers such as craft beers. Another type of a bar establishment is a brew pub which features an on-site brewery. Such places are also serving craft beers. Americans have their so called Fern bar which refers to an upscale yuppie or a preppy bar. A dive bar is an informal bar which is often considered as disreputable. Lastly, there is the music bar that is an establishment where alcoholic beverages are served. This is also offering its live music as an entertainment to increase attraction.

There are also other types of bars that are categorized based on the entertainment forms offered or the patrons often visiting the establishment. Under the entertainment category, the types of bar establishments that are included are Blues bars, comedy bars, dance bars, music bars, karaoke bars, salsa bars, topless bars and sports bars. Drag bars are also included on the list, which is the type where live shows of men dressing as women and lip-syncing to female vocal artist recordings are present.

Under the patrons category, the types included are women’s bars, singles bars, cop bars, gay bars, mixed/straight bars, neighborhood bars, college bars and biker bars.